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As Students, but foremost Filmmakers we want to create content with meaning and integrity. Whether it's props, accommodation, locations or even food, we cannot make this film without your help.


Our goal in creating this female lead action thriller is £3,000, all of which will go toward making this film the best it possibly can be.  

But you won't just be donating, we want to take you along this crazy ride with us. By donating any amount, large or small you will be rewarded. From being in our film through a thank you credit as we come to our tragic end right to acting alongside the Pest Control squad, forever immortalised in film!

Whether you donate or simply share this site with a friend, it means the world to us. I hope you can see our passion through your screen and make Pest Control Great again.


We can't create this film without your help

 Perks Galore!

Crafted with Love ♡


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